April 1, 2018
DeLeon Springs, Florida, Lake Woodruff
April 17, 2018
DeLeon Springs, Florida, Lake Woodruff

A walk a Lake Woodruff

Dates Visited 04/14/2018

A walk around Lake Woodruff National Wildlife Refuge


One of the great local walks located close to the house, a nice stroll around pools 2 and 3

Lake Woodruff NWR was established in 1964 as a migratory bird refuge, part of five million-plus acres purchased by US Fish & Wildlife Service with proceeds from the Federal Duck Stamp Program. The refuge contains myriad habitats: among them are marshes, swamps, creeks, hammocks and uplands.

Lake Woodruff National Wildlife Refuge 2045 Mud Lake Road DeLeon Springs, FL 32130


After Florida became a United States territory in 1821, Major Joseph Woodruff bought out Williams' 2,020 acre share of Spring Garden in 1823. The lake became know as Lake Woodruff and the refuge was later named accordingly. In 1952 a private land developer made an abortive attempt to develop about 3,000 acres east of Lake Woodruff for agriculture. Levees were constructed and two 2,400 gallons-per-minute pumps were installed to drain the land. This venture was found to be impractical and was abandoned. The pine timber was removed from Jones Island in 1957-58. Pine, cypress, and oak timber were removed from Tick and Dexter Islands before the federal government bought the land. Prior to acquisition, timber and shell removal operations occurred on Tick Island.

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