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The Priest and Nuns
December 21, 2015
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Fort Massachusetts
June 7, 2016
Alabama, Atlantic Ocean, Fort Morgan, Forts, Government building, Gulf Shores, Military building, Portfolio: Old Forts, State Park, Third System Fort, Vacation, Vacation 2016, ocean

Fort Morgan State Historic Site

Dates Visited 06/06/2016

Fort Morgan is a Third System fort located one the eastern side of the channel leading to Mobile Bay. It was one of the first Third System forts with construction beginning in 1819 and was completed in 1834.


We visited Fort Morgan during our 2016 vacation to New Orleans, we spend a couple of day in Gulf Port Mississippi so we could visit several third system forts in the area.

The fort was named in honor of Revolutionary War hero Daniel Morgan and is now a Alabama State Historic Site, turned over by the War Department to the State of Alabama in 1946. It is now managed by the Alabama Historical Commission.

Eight days before Alabama seceded from the Union, Col. John B. Todd took four companies of Alabama volunteers and captured the fort before dawn on January 3rd 1861. The fort protected the bay until 1864 when it was surrendered back the to United Staes Army.

Between 1895 and 1900, Fort Morgan received five Endicott concrete batteries, supported by the latest in fire control, electricity, and communications.I have never been a fan of the Endicott period and the fortifications generally ruin an otherwise fine fort. Here the batteries were built away from the fort and haven't impacted it at all.

Being an early built it is a traditional pentagon shape designed to around a large Citadel

Fort Morgan is at the tip of Mobile Point at the western end of Alabama State Route 180.


The fort suffers from a lot of leaching of the concrete. All of the calcium built up on the walls are very dramatic and make for some great pictures. I could spent days at tis fort photographing.

There is a accompanying fort, Fort Gaines, across the bay which were not able to visit. Leaves a good reason to go back!

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